What Happens If I Co-Sign For A Bail Bond & They Skip?

skipping court what happens

Be really careful who you co-sign a bail bond for.

Some things to think about…

  • Have they ever run and skipped court before?
  • Is this person reliable?
  • How serious is the charge?
  • Can they hold a job or are they constantly going from one job to the next?
  • If they are actually guilty and there is a higher chance they won’t be proven innocent
  • Do they have a drug or serious drinking problem?
  • What are their chances of paying their own full amount for the bond if they had to?

If you co-signed for a bail bond and the person misses their court date or tries to run…

Co-signing for a bail bond means you are taking legal responsibility for the full amount of the bail bond. So if the court said the bail bond was $10,000, and the bail bondsman is asking you to pay $1,000 to them as their service fee, and the person skips out and runs from the appointed court date, the bondsman will come after you to get the money they put up to the court, which means you owe the full $10,000. Some bail bond contracts have fine print that allows them to call you, your friends, family and come after you to collect. So be really careful and look for the warning signs if you think you (or your loved one) won’t make their court date.

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