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Bail Bonds F.A.Q.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

A bail bond is a service fee for putting up bail money to a court in order to allow you to get out of jail until your court date. The court will set a bail amount for you, if it is more than you can afford and you don't want yourself or loved one to remain in jail until that court date, then you need to talk to a bail bonds company who will put the money up on behalf.

What Happens If I Am An Indemnitor (Co-Signer) For A Bail Bond?

Co-signing for a bail bond means you are taking legal responsibility for the full amount of the bail bond. So if the court said the bail bond was $10,000, and the bail bondsman is asking you to pay $1,000 to them as their service fee, and the person skips out and runs from the appointed court date, the bondsman will come after you to get the money they put up to the court, which means you owe the full $10,000. Some bail bond contracts have fine print that allows them to call you, your friends, family and come after you to collect. So be really careful and look for the warning signs if you think you (or your loved one) won't make their court date. See What Happens If I Co-Sign For A Bail Bond & They Skip?

Is Bail Bond Money Refundable?

Bail money is refundable if you paid the full amount to the court, minus some small court fees. If you cannot pay the full amount to the court, and end up paying the bondsman's fee to post the full amount on your behalf, that fee is considered a service fee and it is not refundable. The bondsman took a risk putting that money up and dealt with the court and processing, so the fee is not refundable.